Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I had to write my monthly blog for Torrid Temptations yesterday, and I liked it so much, I thought I would share it here, too.

Crumbs in Bed

I was reading a book a while ago that talked about what these women would and would not throw a man out of bed for eating. Actually, I have seen a couple books like that in the last couple years. And it got me thinking. How hot does my hottie have to be to be forgiven cookie or cracker crumbs in bed? And still be allowed back?

Case in point: Have you ever had that moment when you are trying to go to sleep, and realize that your significant other ate cookies or crackers in bed (and perhaps you did, too), but that there are now crumbs in bed?

Can you sleep on crumbs? I can’t. My husband thinks I am psychotic. My sheets have to be precisely neat, and I can’t have any crumbs in my bed. (we wont mention the condition of the rest of the bedroom) Last night after eating crackers and provolone cheese (really one of the best cheeses in the world) I tried to go to sleep. Nope, wasn’t gonna happen. Why? Cause there were crumbs in bed. And I had to sweep them off.

Not just once or twice. But three times. The last time stripping the bed almost completely to get the crumbs out.

Meanwhile my husband is laughing his ass off on his side of the bed. And we aren’t talking big crumbs, we are talking crumbs so small that when I grabbed a couple, I couldn’t see them, I could only feel them on my fingertips.

So, how hot does my hottie have to be to be forgiven cracker crumbs? Well, my husband is a given. BUT I have to say that I wouldn’t throw Braden (from Christmas Candy) out. And probably not Lucas from Through the Veil. And probably not even Michelle Hasker’s Jack, from Morgan’s Magick. And DEFINTELY not Kade from Dark God of Beltane, which doesn't even come out for three more months.

So while I was contemplating this, I came up with another question. Are my hotties all hot enough to NOT be thrown out of bed for crumbs? I decided yes. If ever I have a hottie that is not good enough to be forgiven crumbs in bed, then he isn’t a hottie I want to write about. So, all my hotties will be hot enough to be forgiven.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to help me sweep out the crumbs before we go to bed.