Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fellow Author Kudos - Melinda Barron

Okay, I love to read. It is my favorite thing in the world to do. Well, maybe the second favorite :). As an author, I meet all kinds of other authors and read all kinds of books. I also have reviewed for a couple of the online review sites that can be found floating about. I read a lot of crap, and I read a lot of good stuff. Some stuff appeals to me, and some stuff turns me totally off. I have a habit of not reviewing any of my friends, as I feel it wouldn't be an unabiased opinion. You have seen me give kudos to a couple author friends of mine, but that is different. I really do like their stuff, and I never present it as an unbiased review.

So, today I have to tell you about another author. Melinda Barron. Mel and I have talked a bit back and forth for a while now, and I definitely consider her one of my online friends. But she is also a great author. Mel writes m/f and m/m/f. Everything from sci fi to fantasy to historical to paranormal. Basic romance to hardcore BDSM and capture fantasies.

Now some of you may know that I am not into the capture fantasies or the hardcore BDSM, it is just not my taste. But I would never tell anyone else not to read or write it, it is their preference. So, me praising Melinda might come as a shock to some of you, as half her stuff is "too much" for me. But praise her is what I am going to do.

If you haven't read any of her Desires of the Lamp Tales, then you need to read them. They are available at Resplendence Publishing, and I own every one of them. Melinda writes about women that are fat, thin, gorgeous, not so gorgeous, confident, not so confident. In short, she writes real women. She can take a "fat chick" and make her feel gorgeous and sexy and take us on the ride and see it as well. She takes a "barbie doll" the kind of heroines I never cared for, and makes her likable and makes us understand how and why she is such a bitch. A feat that I didn't think she could accomplish when she told me about it. But she did.

So, long and short, I just wanted to take some time to praise Melinda Barron and let her publicly know how much I have enjoyed her Lamp series, and am looking forward to more.

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