Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hubby Loves Me

Hubby and I, like most families nowadays each own our own computer. We very rarely use the other person's unless something is wrong with ours. His is for his homework, and mine is for my writing.

He opened up MS Word on his the other day to start writing something for school, and almost had a heart attack.

In the "recently worked on" pane on the side, he saw "Tanya Cannibalized" and "Adele HOT SEX". He freaked wondering what kind of virus he had gotten and how the hell he had gotten it and what it did to his Word. And then he looked at me and laughed. He had forgotten my niece was over the day before and had used my computer for something, so I used his to work on my latest stories. (I tend to not title them til the end)

Ah, I am so glad he loves me :)


Michelle Hasker said...


I love it!

Anonymous said...

*snort* My husband would have busted something if I used his computer and didn't tell him...but I'm the same way. Has to be just like I left it LOL

Tina Bendoni said...

LOL, Honestly if he used mine, I would have freaked, too. This is MY baby :) Usually he is the easy going one in the family, but the titles really freaked him.