Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paula Dean is a Pervert

LOL, I have decided I love this woman. I very rarely watch TV anymore. I would much rather sit at my computer, being mindless while I pretend to write than watch something even more mindless on TV. Two of the channels hubby and I do watch are HGTV and Food Network. I am always looking for something good to cook, or a way to be organized or less cluttered.

I have seen Paula Dean's old show, and though I liked her, she was a bit too formal for me, a bit too southern lady for me. But, good lord!!! This woman really shines with her new show. I have seen it twice, and she is naughtier than I am. Last time they were making candy or something, and she was making innuendoes that had the candy guy blushing. (if you weren't of that set of mind, though they would have been just cute - being an erotic writer, my mind went straight to the gutter, as did the all female audience of 100) And today she is doing a special on butter.
I wasn't watching it, hubby had turned it on and left the room (don't get me started on wasting electricity) and I was in the other room on the laptop. I heard women screaming, go and look, and she has 4 hunky men that could have been on any good erotic novel cover carrying in pounds of butter, muscles straining in tight black Tshirts with the words "Butter Wrangler" on them. Okay, to hell with the butter, I started drooling.
Now she is trying different kinds of butter in a "blind" taste test, and one of the wranglers is buttering her muffins for her. Not only is she making innuendo galore, but when he hands her the small muffin with butter on it, she wraps her hands around his hand, and pulls it to her, and THEN the woman just kissed/nipped/licked her way up the man's forearm.
I love this woman. I wanna be her when I grow up.

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Michelle Hasker said...

damn and I missed that show!
what time is it on?